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Inexpensive Floral Arrangement

Hey there! It has been a while, but I am back and here to stay. Today, I am excited to share my inexpensive floral arrangement with you. Last week, I was in Kroger (my local grocery store) and found some beautiful flowers in my favorite fall colors for only fifty cents! I bought four bouquets and brought them home to make a quick and easy floral arrangement. I am not one to buy flowers regularly, but when they are marked down I cannot resist. And, I love how they brighten up our home.

fall flowers

I am not a floral designer by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like pretty things, so I figured out a simple way to make an arrangement. Start by laying all of the flowers out and removing any unwanted leaves. Then, cut all of the stems to the desired length. Try varying heights instead of all the flowers being cut the same length.

Cutting leaves from flowers

Since I had the most of the white flowers, I placed them in the center of the vase. I then separated the yellow flowers into an even amount and placed them in the corners of the square vase. Don’t focus on arranging them perfectly. Let them fall naturally into place.

Fall floral arrangement

fall flowers

Finally, I took the orange and purple flowers (since I had the least amount of these) and filled in the gaps. It is by no means perfect, but so pretty. And, I love how it added color to our kitchen. The flowers ended up lasting for six days which was perfect considering they only cost two dollars! While you may not want to spend money on flowers consistently, it is nice to treat yourself every once in a while. This type of inexpensive floral arrangement is also perfect for dinner parties, showers, and holidays!

fall flowers

floral arrangement

floral arrangement

Happy Fall,



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