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Bright And Cheery Christmas Foyer

Who’s ready to see some more Christmas decor? I really enjoyed decorating our home for Christmas this year. I especially like decorating our foyer since it is the first space you see when you walk through the front door. I love having a bright and cheery Christmas foyer during the holidays. It makes me and all who enter happy!

inviting Christmas foyer

I wanted to have some fun with our foyer and make it bright and cheerful. As you know, I love using traditional colors to decorate for Christmas and nothing says bright and cheery more than pops of red. How cute is the reindeer wearing the scarf?

foyer decorated for Christmas

The Merry Christmas sign from Walmart was only ten dollars and it is a perfect way to greet guests. I also like using a mix of plaids and cute little animals. My builtins that I decorated for Christmas are another example of how I like to use a mix of items and patterns.

inviting Christmas foyer

This area makes me feel happy and in the Christmas spirit every time I walk through the front door. And while I did buy a few new things, most of these items I have used the last several years.

bright and cheery Christmas foyer

And since Christmas trees are my favorite, I used several different trees in different shapes, colors, and sizes. I even added some fake snow to the jar with the evergreen tree in it. I think this red, black, and gray plaid one might be my favorite.

bright and cheery Christmas foyer

As always, I hope you enjoyed this reveal. I think it is important to make your entryway inviting for your guests. I think having a bright and cheery foyer sets the mood for gatherings. I want all who enter to be happy and enjoy their time in our home. Head over to Facebook or Instagram and let me know which item in my bright and cheery Christmas foyer is your favorite. And don’t forget to have fun when you decorate your space!



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