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Modern Basement Bathroom

The day is finally here to reveal our newly finished modern basement bathroom! We started finishing it three years ago and then it sat partially finished for quite some time because life happens. These projects take time and money and we were running low on both. It got to the point where I knew we needed to get it done, so over the course of a few months, we plowed through and got it finished. And, I am so glad we did!


Our basement is a tad bit more modern than the rest of our house and I knew I wanted to keep that theme going in the bathroom. I used light colored wood, black, white, and natural earthy colors. I must say, I definitely love the vibe. But of course, before we had this nice finished bathroom, there was a concrete floor, no vanity, no lights, and no toilet. And just so you can truly appreciate the after, how about a nice before photo?

basement- bathroom-before photo

Pretty, isn’t it? Actually it wasn’t that bad. We at least had drywall plumbing and electric, a tub, and a door. That was a nice start. I knew it wasn’t going to take too much to finish it, but the project still kept getting pushed to the back burner.


There, that’s better! We painted the walls Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore and then I found this awesome tile from Floor and Decor. I absolutely love it and it was not expensive which makes me so happy. The vanity came from Home Depot and I like the lighter wood tone. It actually came with silver drawer handles and I switched them out for black.


And here is the finished product! What do you think? The shower curtain did not photograph well, but it is more of a rust color and came from Target. The hand towel and soap dispenser are also from Target and that soap dispenser might be my favorite thing in the bathroom. The faucet is black and came from Lowe’s and I love how modern it looks.

basement bathroom makeover

How cute is this relax and unwind sign from Hobby Lobby? I thought it would give our guests a good laugh! The black vase and faux florals were part of my fall decor and I loved them so much I moved them from the kitchen and they work really well on this shelf. And of course, no bathroom is complete without some good smelling candles.

modern basement bathroom after photo

Oh, I almost forgot the mirror is from Marshall’s and the black shower curtain rod is from Amazon. I think the bathroom looks really cozy from this angle. What do you think about our modern basement bathroom? Do you think it was worth a three year wait?






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