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Home Office Shelf Styling

Hello, since so many people are working from home nowadays, I thought I would share the shelves in my home office. I like for my shelves to be pretty and functional. And since my office is not that big, I like to make every space count. So without further ado, here is my home office shelf styling tips.


As I mentioned before, I like for the items in my office to be pretty and functional. You can pick up any item on one of my shelves and I can tell you the purpose it serves. For example, on this shelf you will find my prayer journals and a water feature. I love the water feature because it is so soothing and it came from Five Below, so it was inexpensive too!


Here is the full view of that entire bookshelf. I love how all of the items work together and they all have meaning. There are items that were made by my kids, books that I have read, a basket that holds computer cords, and a shelf where I put my planners and notebooks.


I am a big fan of quotes and motivational sayings, so I like having this sign that reminds me everyday to enjoy the little things. At one time, I used the small vase as a pencil holder, but now it holds extra thumbtacks and paper clips. And how cute is that donut my daughter made me at school?


There are two of these shelves that sit on either side of my desk. Both of them are balanced out with books, signs, vases, and souvenirs from travel. They are all items that were collected over time and I think that is key. Don’t be in a rush to complete a space. The best things come in time.


My absolute favorite part of the shelves is the cork board that sits on top of the second shelf. It holds favorite photos, things my girls made for me the last birthday card my grandma ever gave me, a sweet note from my husband and so much more. One of the best things about having a home office is it can completely represent who you are as a person and fit your personality. I hope you enjoyed my home office shelf styling tips!



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