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Simple DIY Easter Decor

Hey there! We still have six weeks until Easter, but it is not too early to think about Easter decor. One of my favorite places to pick up decor for the holidays is the Dollar Tree. I was in there a few days ago and found these treat sacks and knew right away I could make them into something cute for Easter. Check out my simple DIY Easter decor.


I found this four pack of burlap treat sacks at Dollar Tree and knew that I could use them as Easter decor instead of treat sacks. I am always on the lookout for inexpensive decor when I am in Dollar Tree. I like to find items that I can use for something other than their intended use.


This is what the sack looked like when I took it out of the package. Each sack a piece of twine to tie around it once you fill it with goodies. Isn’t it adorable for only twenty-five cents? You absolutely cannot beat the price.


Since I want to use the treat sack as decor, I chose to stuff it with poly-fil instead of treats. I actually took some from a throw pillow I am not currently using. That makes this craft even cheaper!


Once the bag is stuffed, you close it up and tie a piece of twine around it. I kept these bags really simple, but you can get creative with them and use ribbon to tie them closed.  You can also glue on a flower, tail, or bowtie to dress them up a bit. This is so simple I don’t even know if you can call it a craft. Lol!


There you have it! Simple DIY Easter decor anyone can do! Always be on the lookout for simple crafts like this. Be sure to check out this post for more Easter decorating ideas.


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