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Simple Jewelry Organization

If you have been hanging around here anytime at all, you know I love earrings! And when you love earrings, you must have a fun way to organize them. Did I mention that I also love necklaces? Which means I need a fun way to organize those also, right? Check out these simple jewelry organization ideas for earrings and necklaces that I use in my closet.

dresser-corkboard earring holder-necklace rack

When I decorate a space (like my closet) that is mostly only seen by me, I don’t like to spend a lot of money. I also like to put a lot of my personality in the space and have some fun with it. I found the perfect items for this space from places like Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, and even a yard sale. Other than the small piece of artwork hanging on the wall, I let the jewelry do most of the decorating.

white rack hanging on wall with necklaces

The white rack you see here came from Dollar Tree and of course it was only one dollar. I love using it to display my necklaces. Not only does it look pretty, but it also helps me see what I have without digging around in a drawer.

dresser with jewelry organization

As I mentioned before, my favorite part of my closet organization is how inexpensive it was to put it all together! The dresser was a hand me down from family. The cork board came from Target and was less than twenty dollars. The jar and tray came from Dollar Tree and the bodice holding my hat was a yard sale find that my mom gave to me. This is somewhat of a before photo because in the future I plan to paint the dresser, so stay tuned for that.

earrings hanging on a cork board

My favorite earring organization hack is hanging them from a cork board. It’s awesome because they are all on display and you can see exactly what earrings you have. I use clear thumbtacks to hang them from and this works well for fishhook posts. I put my straight post earrings in a drawer and you can read about how I organize them here.

bodice with hat hanging on it

As always, I hope this post has inspired and encouraged you! You truly can have pretty organization on a small budget. Get creative, be on the lookout for inexpensive items, and most importantly have fun! Simple jewelry organization shouldn’t be complicated. Happy organizing!









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