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Bathroom Refresh (Before Photos)

We’ve lived in our current home for a little over four years now and have done several projects in different rooms. However, there is one room we have neglected. That room is the girls’ bathroom which also happens to be the guest bathroom on the main floor. At one time, all three of my girls were using this bathroom on a daily basis. Since my oldest daughter moved out, my two younger girls continue to use it on a daily basis. And you know what it means when you have teenage girls using a bathroom – hairspray, makeup, shower gels, hair dye, and lots of other products that can create a mess. I think after four years, it is time for a bathroom refresh!

bathroom vanity

Here is the bathroom in its current state. When we moved in I bought an inexpensive shower curtain and we have been using the same one since. I’ve had a couple different rugs in the bathroom, but I really didn’t like either one so out they went. Up to this point, I haven’t displayed anything on the vanity either. It has pretty much sat blank other than a couple of soap dispensers.

bathroom vanity and mirror

As I mentioned before, we will not be switching out any plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, or the mirrors. I love the lights and the mirrors. They are two of my favorite things I bought when we moved into the house. I already bought a really cute tray from Walmart that will sit on the vanity and hold storage containers. I will share that in the after photos!


This is the wall opposite the vanity. I am planning on doing some trim work on this wall and then painting it a pretty color. I will be taking the hooks and the artwork down and replacing them with something new. I decided on the paint color and I cannot wait to share it! I will then accessorize with a pretty rug, new shower curtain, and something new to hang over the toilet. Stay tuned for more to come of this bathroom refresh.



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