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Simple Bathroom Makeover

The simple bathroom makeover that I started a few weeks ago is complete (almost). I say almost because I still need to get something to hang on the wall, but that is the beauty of decorating, you don’t have to rush it. I will be on the lookout for something fabulous to hang on the wall opposite the vanity and maybe I will find something tomorrow, or maybe it will be next month. When I find it, I will know. So until then, please enjoy the progress I’ve made on this bathroom makeover! And if you missed it, please check out the before photos.

bathroom with vanity toilet and bathtub

Here is she is! The changes are subtle, but I really feel like they make a big impact. As I mentioned in the before photos, we did not make any big changes such as flooring, vanity, bathtub, fixtures, etc. The changes were the wall treatment you see on the left, paint, a rug, some new accessories, and the best part, organization! I will do a separate post talking about the organization part of it soon.

bathroom with vanity, gold mirrors, and gold lights

tray for bathroom with storage jars


When we built our house four and a half years ago, the mirrors and light fixtures were some of my favorite picks for our home. That being said, I knew I didn’t want to change them. I emptied out the vanity, gave everything a good cleaning, and then put everything back neat and organized. The tray on the vanity is from Walmart and it is what I used for inspiration. I loved the colors and knew it would be perfect to brighten up this bathroom. The cute jars are from TJ Maxx and are perfect for holding cotton balls, cotton swabs, and other items.

bathroom shower curtain and artwork

This beautiful artwork came from Hobby Lobby and it was on clearance for ten dollars! I love the color and the wood frame brings some warmth to the room. The shower curtain came from Walmart and it coordinates beautifully with the blue in the tray. I also like how the blue looks with the rose and blush colors.


bathroom makeover


Oh, I almost forgot to mention this rug I found at Home Goods. A simple bathroom makeover isn’t complete without a new rug! I am also proud to say that I did the wall treatment by myself! It was the first time I took on a project like that alone. I really like how it turned out and it wasn’t difficult at all. The best part is it adds character to the room and cost around forty dollars for the materials. Please tell me your favorite part of this makeover. You can find me over on Facebook or Instagram. Just search Heather Loves Home! And stay tuned for another post where I talk about how I organized the vanity.