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Simple Fall Mantle Decor

My favorite thing to decorate for fall is our mantle! I love making it cozy with different textures and colors. This year, it was important to me to keep it simple, so I did not use everything from last year’s mantle. Without further ado, check out my simple fall mantle decor!

fireplace mantle decorated for fall


This year, I chose not to decorate the builtins. The items that I use year round are neutral, so I left them and focused my attention on the mantle. Here you see a mix of pumpkins, florals, and a pumpkin garland all in different colors and textures.

blue vase, black candle holder

Most of what I used is pretty neutral, but I do love the pop of blue. Also, neutral florals in different textures are a must for fall. I used several different ones throughout our home this year.

pumpkin garland hanging on mantle

The knitted pumpkin garland is my favorite! Every mantle needs garland when decorating for fall. The colors and the texture of this garland really add to the coziness of the mantle. I found this one at Marshall’s last year and get lots of compliments on it.

pumpkins on mantle for all decor

Pumpkins of various sizes, colors, and textures are a fun way to mix things up, so that it all doesn’t match perfectly. The gold pumpkin adds some glam to the mantle while everything else is neutral and rustic. I think it is so much fun to mix different styles and that is what gives the mantle character.

mantle decorated for fall

Decorating for fall is so much fun! When you are decorating your mantle I encourage you to try a mix of colors and textures. You can also try a mix of traditional fall items like pumpkins, or non-traditional fall items like dried florals and grasses. Thank you for checking out this post! I would love for you to visit me over at Facebook and Instagram and let me know what you think about my fall mantle decor.