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Caramel Apple Crisp Recipe

One of my favorite things about fall is apples. And one of my favorite things about apples is making a delicious apple crisp. It’s delicious served warm with some vanilla ice cream. Yum! Recently, I discovered salted caramel icing and that has been a game changer when it comes to how I make my apple crisp. In fact, it is so good I want to share it with you! Trust me, you will not be disappointed!


  • 2 cans of apples or enough fresh apples to cover the bottom of a 13×9 pan
  • 1 box of Concord Foods apple crisp prepared according to package directions
  • 1 can of Pillsbury salted caramel frosting
  • your favorite vanilla ice cream

First, you will cover the bottom of the 13×9 pan with the apples. I must say the Great Value apple pie filling is delicious! Of course, if you prefer to use fresh those are best.

can of apple pie filling

canned apples in pan

Next, you will make the apple crisp according to package directions (mixing it with melted butter) and then spoon it over the apples.


concord foods apple crisp

caramel apple crisp

Once you have spread the apple crisp mixture over the apples, it is time to bake according to package directions. Be ready for your kitchen to smell heavenly! When the apple crisp is finished baking take it out of the oven and enjoy the aroma.

apple crisp

Now for the best part! Spoon some of the baked apple crisp into a bowl and don’t let it cool too much because you want it to be warm for when you add the salted caramel icing.

salted caramel icing

I like to take small dollops of the icing and put it on the baked apple crisp while it is hot. That way the icing will melt into the apples and the crisp. That is the best part! And then of course, you add the ice cream and it is perfection!

apple crisp with ice cream

This dessert is perfect for a family dinner, potluck, or even Thanksgiving dinner! You and your guests will love the mix of apples, crisp, caramel, and ice cream. Perfection!