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Great Room Builtin Cabinet Storage

Hello and thank you for visiting Heather Loves Home! Whether you have visited before, or you are new, I am so happy you are here. Today, I am talking about great room builtin cabinet storage and all of the items I keep in mine. Let’s be honest, we can never have too many places to store stuff, right?

great room builtin cabinets

I have two cabinets on either side of my fireplace. Of course, I keep the shelves filled with pretty and meaningful decor, but the cabinets are where I can store all of the not so pretty items. If you have builtin cabinets and you aren’t taking advantage of the storage they can provide, you will after reading this.

builtin in cabinet with doors

Have you ever went to someone’s home and wondered what they have hiding behind their cabinet doors. I am now going to give you a peek at what we keep behind ours. In our last home, I didn’t have our cabinets organized very well, but in this home I took full advantage of organizing them perfectly!

builtin cabinet with board games

Here is a look at the cabinet that is on the right side of our fireplace. This cabinet holds board games and decks of cards, which is a convenient spot for them since it is in the great room and that is where we play games most of the time. On the bottom shelf, I have a bin that holds all of the owner’s manuals for products in our home. We also keep items needed to dust and clean our tv.

builtin cabinet with pretty decor items

This is the builtin and cabinet on the left side of the fireplace. Again, the shelves are filled with simple decor items, but the bottom cabinet is used for storage. Let’s take a peek inside.

builtin cabinets used for storage

In this cabinet, I keep extra lightbulbs, batteries, command hooks, and tools. It is really handy to keep a hammer, screwdrivers, nails, and other items to grab for a quick project. This keeps me from always needing to run out to the garage, or the basement storage room to grab something.

great room builtins with fireplace

Honestly, there are so many different things you can keep in cabinets like these. Some other ideas are items needed for school, arts and crafts, toys, blankets, dog toys, books, magazines, cleaning supplies, and the list goes on. I hope you found this super helpful! And please, be sure to check me out on Instagram and Facebook at Heather Loves Home. Happy organizing!