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How to Be Organized For School At Home

School is back in full swing and with it comes all sorts of fun things to keep up with. Supply lists, welcome letters, syllabi, sports forms, and the list goes on. There were several years when all three of my daughters were in school at the same time and keeping up with papers and school supplies was not my favorite. And, I am not a fan of things feeling unorganized and chaotic. I eventually developed a system that helped me tremendously and I want to share it with you!

desk with chair in sitting room


In our last home, I had a three drawer dresser that wasn’t serving a purpose, so I decided that I would use it for my girls’ school stuff. Each one of them had their own drawer and we would toss any papers, or school supplies they needed in their drawer. This worked perfectly because they each knew if they needed something it would be in that drawer. And, as they brought papers home, I would file what we needed to keep in their drawer and toss the rest.

file cabinet with two drawers

Now that we are down to two girls left in school, we only need a two drawer cabinet. I found this one at Ross a few years ago and it works perfectly. Each of my daughters has their own drawer and I routinely go through it and clean out any papers that are no longer needed.

organized desk drawer

The cabinet conveniently sits next to the desk in our sitting area. The desk has two drawers that can hold any supplies the girls might need for doing projects and homework. I found these bins at Target and they are perfect for pens, pencils, scissors, and glue sticks.

desk drawer with paper

The second drawer holds extra notebook paper and paper for the printer. In an effort to stay organized and make sure we always have what we need, I check the drawers routinely to see if I need to stock up on more supplies.

desk in sitting area

I love having the desk and cabinet in our sitting area. This system works perfectly and since we have been doing it his way for so long, my girls know exactly what to expect when it comes to their school stuff. I hope you found this helpful and I highly encourage you to carve out a corner in your home to do the same!