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Using Floral Stems To Decorate For Fall

I used to hate the fall season because it meant summer was coming to an end. When I was younger, my mom would get excited when the weather cooled off and the leaves started changing colors. She would make chili, buy caramel apples, and decorate our house with pumpkins and pretty fall colors. I could not understand why she was so happy and loved fall so much! Fast forward thirty plus years and now I get it. Fall is great! Summer is still my favorite season by far, but fall is a close second. One of my favorite things about fall is decorating with different colors, textures, and floral stems. And using floral stems to decorate for fall is a simple and inexpensive way to make your home look beautiful and feel cozy.

fall florals in glass vase

There is a good variety of floral stems throughout our home that I have collected over the years. This dried wheat looking stem in our sitting room is a perfect example of a texture that screams fall. I love the mix of cream and black and I placed it in a clear glass jar. And can we talk about the bowl of pumpkins and pine cones? It adds a nice pop of color to this neutral space!

fall floral stem on coffee table

Here is another view of the sitting room. Doesn’t it make you want to curl up in the chair with a cup of coffee and a good book?

natural floral stem for fall

This is another example of a natural looking stem. It sits on the table in our foyer and I love how tall it is. The glass jar sits on the table year round, so it is really easy to add this stem to it for some texture. I found the cute wooden leaf charm a couple of years ago and thought it was a cute addition to the jar. And of course, the pumpkins add a nice pop of color.

floral stems for fall

How cute are these vases I found at Goodwill? I bought them in the summer and knew I would have a use for them one day. They are currently sitting on the kitchen island and I put a couple of small fall stems in each one. This is a great example of mixing different textures and colors for fall.

brown leaf stem in glass jar

When decorating for fall you’ve gotta have some brown leaves, right? This is another glass jar that sits on a table in our dining area year round. It’s another easy way to add some fall decor to items that I use everyday! The pumpkin sitting on the book is even made up of flowers! See how fun it is to add different colors and textures around your home? The warmth makes your home feel so cozy!

stems in jar on mantle

Now it is time to bring in some color! How pretty is this golden color stem? And it looks so good with the blue vase! And, guess what? That vase sits on the mantle year round. Are you seeing a pattern here? It is so easy to use everyday items to decorate for fall. And, it makes it a lot easier to decorate as well.

colorful fall stems in dining room

The dining room is where I added the best pops of fall colors! I love these stems I found at Dollar Tree a couple of years ago and they look great with the sign from Hobby Lobby! And you already know that once upon a time I would never have that sign in my home. Ha! Ha! But it does look perfect sitting on this tray that sits on the dining room console year round. And have I mentioned how much I love pops of gold for fall decorating? It adds so much warmth to the room. If you would like more fall decorating ideas you can check out this blog post or this one. Thank you for stopping by!