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Jewelry Organization Part Two

I definitely have a weakness for cute jewelry! I love bold pieces in different colors and textures. While I love all jewelry, I especially love earrings! Which means I have a lot of earrings. A while back I shared part one of my jewelry organization, so without further ado, here is jewelry organization part two.

Several years ago when my aunt passed away I inherited this beautiful piece of furniture from her. Originally, I used it in my office, but when we moved to our new house I decided to use it in my closet to hold my jewelry. I know it is a little different, but I love it!

jewelry organization

This project was a lot of fun for me and it gave me the chance to get creative. For example, I used this styrofoam cone from Dollar Tree to hold bracelets. I also like to add a pop of color by using some decorative pieces.

candle holder holding bracelets

How fun is this candle holder that I use to hold bracelets? It is from Home Goods and I bought it specifically for this purpose. When you are in stores like TJMaxx, Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby be on the lookout for fun items like this to use anywhere in your home for organization.

drawer with jewelry organization

Now for my favorite thing, the earring drawer! This is where I got really creative because I wanted to be sure my earrings were organized in a way that I could see all of them when I open the drawer. I used three different items, all found at Dollar Tree to use. One is a deviled egg tray, another one is an ice cube tray, and the last one is just a plain tray. I use the ice cube tray for my small studs earrings. The deviled egg tray helps keep pairs of earrings together. The gold tray is perfect for holding my larger earrings.

deviled egg tray earring holder

Again, it is all about being creative and thinking outside the box. It didn’t occur to me to use a deviled egg tray until I was walking around Dollar Tree one day and saw it. I knew it was perfect!

jewelry cabinet

What did you think? Do you have a cabinet like this in your home you could use to organize jewelry? A chest or dresser works really well also! I hope you found this helpful. Happy decorating and organizing!