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DIY Disco Ball

I recently announced on social media that my oldest daughter is getting married! We are so excited for her and her fiancé and cannot wait until their big day. In the meantime, there is lots of planning and prepping to do for the shower and wedding. If you all know me, you know I love all of this. The food, the flowers, the decorations, all of it! I am going to be throwing the shower at my home and I have been looking at inspiration photos for months. The theme we’ve decided on is simple and pretty, but very glam with flowers, disco balls, and some gold vintage pieces I have on hand. Disco balls are a big trend right now and I love it. So today in this blog post, I am going to show you how to DIY a disco ball!

foam ball for crafts

To get the project started, I ordered these four inch foam balls from Amazon. I am actually going to do a variety of sizes, but decided to start with these since this is the first time I’ve done this project.

mirror stickers for disco ball

The other thing you will need for this project are these glass mirror tiles from Amazon.

foam ball and mirror stickers

Now it is time for the fun part, putting all of the mirrored stickers on the balls! We had a craft night to make these and we tried putting the stickers on a couple of different ways. One way worked and looked good, the other way not so much. Please don’t hate me when I say this, but the best way to put them on is one at a time. When we took our time and put each sticker on one by one it actually looked like a real disco ball. When we first started making them, we were wrapping a whole group of the stickers on at one time and it did not look as good. So, as tedious as it sounds, it looks best when you put each sticker on one by one.

disco ball craft

I must say, I actually found this project to be relaxing and fun. Disco balls are expensive, so this was a budget friendly and fun way to spend the night and be productive. And not only are we going to use these stickers on foam balls, but we are going to use them on a couple of other items, so stay tuned for more fun DIY wedding projects!

bowl of disco balls and flowers

Look how pretty they all are! They are going to look so good with the flowers and all of the other items we have for decorating. I am so glad disco balls are making a comeback. The best part is, you don’t have to use them for a retro theme. They look great with lots of colors and florals and other fun patterns. A DIY disco ball would not only be great for weddings and showers, but also birthday parties and bachelorette parties! Be sure to let me know what you think. Also, if you aren’t already following me on Facebook or Instagram you can find me in both places at Heather Loves Home!