• Decorate A Bookshelf On A Budget

    The question I get asked the most is where do I shop for home decor? You all have asked where I get pillows, frames, artwork, and furniture. There is no quick answer to that question as I get the decor in our home from many different places. That being said, I thought it would be nice to go room by room and do several posts telling you all where my home decor is from. Today, I am starting in my office and I am going to give you ideas on how to decorate a bookshelf on a budget.

    cubby bookshelf in office

    I had a lot of fun decorating my office; especially the cubby bookshelves. The main reason for that is because my office decor is one hundred percent me and my style! I love plants and color and books. I also love decor that has meaning. My favorite thing in my office is the butterfly wall art that hangs over the cubbies. It is from World Market and the colors are beautiful!

    flowers and books on a shelf

    Ok, let’s move on to the shelves! I think books are great to use as decor. They are colorful and they also have meaning if you decorate with books that you love. I get a lot of my books from Amazon, yard sales, and Goodwill. A fun way to mix in decor is to use it as a bookend, or you can even sit it on top of the books. The cute flower and vase in the photo above were on clearance at Anthropologie. I found it on a shopping trip with my daughters and when I look at it I am reminded of that day.

    milk glass bowl on bookshelf

    Some of the best decor items come from Goodwill and yard sales. This milk glass bowl came from Goodwill and was less than three dollars. Always be on the lookout for unique items like this to use throughout your home.


    Who loves plants? Plants are great to use as decor on a bookshelf. The fern and succulent above are both from Walmart and the planters are from Hobby Lobby. Plants add color and they bring a room to life. In my humble opinion, you cannot have too many plants!

    beach artwork and books

    Artwork is another great way to decorate your bookshelf. This piece belonged to my late aunt which makes it extra special. Plus, I love the beach, so that gives it even more meaning. You can also frame scrapbook paper, or pages from a photo book that you love.

    pen holder and books

    Practical items are also great to use to decorate your shelves. This pen holder came from Hobby Lobby and I love the pop of color it adds. Plus, I don’t have room for it on my desk, so sitting it here is perfect. Shelves are a great place to hold practical items that you don’t have room for in other places.

    bookshelf decor

    Always be on the lookout for unique pieces whenever you are shopping. You never know when you might find the perfect item for your home. And remember, have fun with decorating and incorporate your style and what you love into your home!


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  • Decorating With Plants

    Do you have a green thumb? Don’t worry, I don’t either, but I love decorating with plants anyway. If you love nature it is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. Also, most plants are inexpensive, so they are perfect for decorating your home on a budget. Plants are also a great way to make a space come alive and freshen it up. Now, let’s take a little tour of all the plants I currently have in my home.

    house plant on coffee table

    In my sitting area I have this pothos plant. It is probably the easiest plant to care for (in my humble opinion). You can forget to water it and it will be ok for a period of time. From what I can tell, they do love sunlight and grow very fast. The best part about this plant is you can take cuttings from the plant and root them in water. This is a great way to take one plant and create several others which is very budget friendly!

    house plant on table in foyer

    There are two plants sitting on the table in my foyer. The bigger plant is real and was bought on Amazon and the smaller plant is a faux plant and came from Michael’s. I was a little skeptical of buying a plant from Amazon and didn’t know how well it would do, but it has grown so much and looks great! If you have ever been skeptical of buying a plant online, give it a try. This one is so pretty and easy to care for.

    tropical plant sitting on dresser

    This plant is the newest addition to the family and it is also my favorite. I have it sitting right next to my beach art because it is tropical and reminds me of warm and sunny weather. This plant is from Walmart and was very inexpensive. So far, it has done great and I love pot it came in also.

    succulent plants on shelf

    One of my other favorite plants is the Christmas cactus which is on the left. It blooms every year at Christmas and is beautiful! The other succulent that you see on the right is small and easy to take care of. I water it sparingly and also use some succulent food once a week and it has done really well.

    faux plant in bicycle planter

    I’m not sure what I like better in the above photo, the faux plant or the cute bicycle planter that it is sitting in. If you are looking to add some green to a space that doesn’t get a lot of light, then use a faux plant. And, in case you are wonder, the cute bicycle planter is from Target. You’re welcome!

    faux fern sitting on table

    And last, but certainly not least, is the faux fern that sits in the great room. Real ferns can be hard to keep alive, so I caved and bought this one from Target. I do love it and it is a great alternative to the real thing. I hope you enjoyed this tour of all of the plants in our home. Decorating with plants is an inexpensive and great way to decorate your home! Hop on over to Facebook or Instagram and let me know your favorite plant!






  • Simple Master Bathroom Tour

    It’s only February, but I started my spring cleaning early and thought I would take you on a tour of my master bathroom. It is one room in our house that we haven’t decorated much since we moved in almost five years ago. Since it is a room that only my husband and I use and see, we decided to keep it simple with not a lot of fuss. This also makes it easier to keep clean and organized. I hope you enjoy this simple master bathroom tour!

    master bathroom vanity and bathtub

    The bathroom is actually pretty neutral with the tile being a cream color and the vanity being gray. I chose to keep all of the walls white since there is only one window and I wanted the room to feel open and bright.

    bathroom storage cabinet

    I’ve shared this corner of the bathroom before, but it is actually getting ready to go undergo a simple makeover. And by that I mean I am sanding down the cabinet and giving it a fresh look. I love the extra storage this cabinet providers as it hold extra toiletries and first aid items. All of the artwork on the gallery wall came from Hobby Lobby and I love the pop of color that it adds to the space.

    master bathroom whirlpool tub

    The artwork above the bathtub also came from Hobby Lobby and again, I love the pop of color it adds to the room as well. Also, if you are low on storage space a basket next to the tub, like the one I have here, is a great idea to hold bath towels.

    master bathroom

    The one window above the bathtub lets in a good amount of light and I love how bright it makes the room feel. The light fixtures above the vanity are some of my favorites we picked out when the house was being built.

    master bathroom vanity

    One good thing about keeping the main pieces in the bathroom neutral is it will be easier to redecorate down the road. We can bring in different artwork, rugs, and towels and they will look good with what is already there. So, what do you think about our master bathroom? I would love to hear your thoughts over on Instagram or Facebook!


  • Kitchen Pantry Organizing Ideas Part 2

    Hey there! I am back with more kitchen pantry organizing ideas that will help you get your kitchen in tip top shape! You can go back and check out part one here. The first post that I did focused on the upper half of my pantry which houses canned goods, pastas, condiments, etc. The bottom half of hour pantry hold chips, crackers, snacks, and other miscellaneous items.

    The bottom cabinet is where we keep chips and crackers. I try to go through and clean it out regularly, so we don’t end up with a bunch of bags of half eaten chips. I also try to keep unopened bags in the back, so the opened bags get eaten first.

    I used the same labels for the bottom half of the pantry as I did in the upper half. They are from Amazon and I really like how simple and clean they are!

    Above the cabinet where the chips and crackers live is a drawer where we keep lunch items. Since the drawer is a pretty good size, I like to use small bins to keep like items together. This makes it easy to find what we are looking for when packing lunches. And by the way, I absolutely love using smaller bins in any drawer to keep smaller items together.

    Right above the large drawer, are three smaller drawers that are perfect for holding smaller items. Each drawer holds a different category of items and I try really hard to keep it that way. This drawer holds items like bacon bits, sardines, tuna fish, etc.

    Another of the smaller drawers holds packaged spices that will not fit in my spice rack. The third drawer (not pictured) holds granola bars and oatmeal packets.

    And there you have it! I organized the pantry in a simple way that didn’t cost a lot of money and I hope it inspires you to do the same!


  • Gold Frame Gallery Wall

    There is nothing better than a simple and inexpensive room refresh! Do you agree? I have been working on a bathroom refresh for a couple of months now. You can check out this post to see what changes I already made to my girls’ bathroom. The final project was a gold frame gallery wall and it is finally complete.


    Here is a before photo prior to me hanging the gold frames on the wall across from the vanity. I knew I wanted to keep it simple with the trim work and that is why I settled on doing vintage looking gold frames.

    rub and buff in gold leaf

    Have y’all used Rub ‘n Buff? If you haven’t, you need to. I like using the color gold leaf when I want to make something look worn or vintage. It is easy to use and a little goes a long way. You can get it at Hobby Lobby, or any other craft store.

    gold frame

    As I said before, it is easy to use and it dries really fast. I chose three frames for the gallery wall and I used the Rub ‘n Buff on two of the frames. The frame in the photo above was actually silver and look at it now. It is so pretty!

    gallery wall with three frames

    And here is the finished gold frame gallery wall! All three of the frames came from Ross. I’ve had the floral piece for a while now, and I believe it came from Hobby Lobby. I love how they all look vintage, but they aren’t.

    gold frame gallery wall

    Simple and inexpensive projects can make a big impact and I think this might be my new favorite gallery wall in our home! It took me a while to do this wall because I took my time finding the right frames for the right price. This gallery wall cost less than twenty dollars and you cannot beat that!

    full size bathroom

    My girls’ bathroom refresh is finally complete! Now we can sit back and enjoy it. This is what it looks like when you get creative and search for pieces you love.


  • Six Ways To Make Your Home Cozy For Fall

    The best thing about fall is making your home warm, cozy, and inviting. You know you love a night where you can snuggle under a blanket, on the couch, with a fire going. And don’t forget the hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick. Here are six ways to make your home cozy for fall!

    gray chair with pillow and yellow blanket

    My number one item for making my home cozier for fall is a soft and pretty throw blanket. We have several in our home, but this one from Amazon is my favorite. It looks great in our sitting room and it is so soft. I love laying on the couch under this blanket watching a good movie.

    wicker tray with candle, plant, and pumpkin

    A delicious smelling fall candle is the second item on my list. Whether it’s pumpkin, vanilla, apple, banana bread, or fireside, a good smelling candle is sure to have your home smelling good. And when your home smells good, it makes it a cozy place to hang out and curl up with a good book.

    book and magazine

    Speaking of books, they are the third item on my list. I love having books and magazines throughout my house. I like a mix of home decorating books, magazines, devotionals, and a best selling novel. I read more during the fall and winter months than any other time during the year.

    cream colored pillow

    This textured pillow is the fourth item on my list. I have shown y’all this one from Walmart multiple times and you always tell me how much you love it. I think textured pillows in warm colors just like this one are perfect for adding the right amount of cozy to your home.

    pumpkin mug with pumpkin

    Of course, a fall must have is a cute mug to drink your hot cider, coffee, tea, or hot chocolate out of. That is why it is the fifth item on my list. There are so many cute colors, patterns, and sizes of mugs to choose from. I love this pumpkin one from Home Goods and drink out of it almost daily during the fall.

    pumpkin and dried flowers on a table

    Last on the list, are dried stems and  fall florals. I love to display these throughout my home during the fall and I think they really do make a space just a bit more cozy. I hope this list of six ways to make your home cozy for fall has inspired you to curl up on the couch with a good book and a hot cup of coffee this fall season.




  • How To Decorate A Tray For Fall

    I love fall and everything the season brings with it. Pumpkins, apples, hot cider, sweaters, hoodies, chilly mornings, bonfires, football, hayrides, hot chocolate, s’mores, leaves changing colors, mums, and so much more! I also love decorating for fall and want to share with you how to decorate a tray for fall.

    teal wooden tray

    This tray sits on the cabinet in my dining room and usually holds small jars and vases. Other than our dining room table, it is the only place in our dining room to decorate for fall. I used items I already had and will walk you through step by step on how I arranged them on the tray.

    items used to decorate fall tray

    These are the items I used on the tray, and as I said before, I already had all of them. The three vases pictured sit on the tray year round. The pumpkin, florals, and the sign are decor items I used last year.

    fall sign

    The first item I placed on the tray is the fall sign from Hobby Lobby. I used a plate stand from Dollar Tree to stand it on. I love the colors in the sign and think they are perfect for fall.

    tray decorated for fall

    Next, I placed this white vase on the tray and will use it to hold the pretty fall florals.

    fall sign and fall florals

    Aren’t these all florals the best? I love the colors and the patterns and think they are perfect for fall and add a little something unexpected to this tray.

    fall sign and pumpkin

    Of course, no fall decor is complete without a pumpkin! This one is cream and gold and I love that it is subtle.

    tray decorated for fall

    Now it is time to glam the tray up with this pretty mirrored vase. I think it might be the prettiest item on the tray.

    tray decorated for fall

    Here is the finished product! The last thing I added to the tray was the small gold jar that I spray painted gold a while back. It was a lot of fun decorating this tray and I hope it helped you learn how to decorate a tray for fall. Please go over to Facebook or Instagram and let me know what you think!




  • Simple Fall Mantle Decor

    My favorite thing to decorate for fall is our mantle! I love making it cozy with different textures and colors. This year, it was important to me to keep it simple, so I did not use everything from last year’s mantle. Without further ado, check out my simple fall mantle decor!

    fireplace mantle decorated for fall


    This year, I chose not to decorate the builtins. The items that I use year round are neutral, so I left them and focused my attention on the mantle. Here you see a mix of pumpkins, florals, and a pumpkin garland all in different colors and textures.

    blue vase, black candle holder

    Most of what I used is pretty neutral, but I do love the pop of blue. Also, neutral florals in different textures are a must for fall. I used several different ones throughout our home this year.

    pumpkin garland hanging on mantle

    The knitted pumpkin garland is my favorite! Every mantle needs garland when decorating for fall. The colors and the texture of this garland really add to the coziness of the mantle. I found this one at Marshall’s last year and get lots of compliments on it.

    pumpkins on mantle for all decor

    Pumpkins of various sizes, colors, and textures are a fun way to mix things up, so that it all doesn’t match perfectly. The gold pumpkin adds some glam to the mantle while everything else is neutral and rustic. I think it is so much fun to mix different styles and that is what gives the mantle character.

    mantle decorated for fall

    Decorating for fall is so much fun! When you are decorating your mantle I encourage you to try a mix of colors and textures. You can also try a mix of traditional fall items like pumpkins, or non-traditional fall items like dried florals and grasses. Thank you for checking out this post! I would love for you to visit me over at Facebook and Instagram and let me know what you think about my fall mantle decor.



  • Cozy Fall Living Room

    It’s that time of year again! Time for pumpkins, leaves changing colors, sweaters, hot cocoa, apple cider, hayrides, and most importantly, a cozy fall living room. Honestly, there is nothing better than a living room with a comfy couch, cozy blanket, and lamp light in the evening. Then, you throw in a pumpkin or two and you are all set! My living room is my favorite room in the house right now and I wanted to share it with you!

    living room with gray couch and coffee table

    See what I mean about a comfy couch and cozy blanket? Doesn’t it make you want to sit down with a hot cup of coffee or cider and read a good book? This room always has a warm and cozy feel to it, so decorating for fall is actually pretty easy.

    living room coffee table

    The only fall decor I bought this year is what you see in the photo above. I found the fall potpourri mix at Hobby Lobby for less than ten dollars and it looks and smells amazing! I bought the fall grass from TJ Maxx and it was also less than ten dollars. I already had the black bowl and the vase. I think these two things make such a big impact in this space. And you cannot beat it for less than twenty dollars!

    gray chair with pillow and orange velvet pumpkin

    Of course, no room is complete without an orange velvet pumpkin for a pop of fall color. This one is the perfect size to sit on this little table. By the way, have I ever told you this little table is a metal garbage can that I spray painted gold and turned upside down? What?!

    bar cart with glasses and coasters

    I kept the decor on our bar cart very simple by adding a small neutral pumpkin. The sign sits on the bar cart year round because we are always thankful.

    living room decorated for fall

    The only thing missing from this photo are friends gathered around with a cup of coffee and slice of pumpkin pie. Oh, and a fall candle. You cannot forget the candle! If you are wanting to make your living room cozy for fall, I hope this inspired you to do just that. A few simple and inexpensive items can turn your living room into a cozy fall living room. Check out this blog post for more fall decorating ideas.

  • Simple Bathroom Makeover

    The simple bathroom makeover that I started a few weeks ago is complete (almost). I say almost because I still need to get something to hang on the wall, but that is the beauty of decorating, you don’t have to rush it. I will be on the lookout for something fabulous to hang on the wall opposite the vanity and maybe I will find something tomorrow, or maybe it will be next month. When I find it, I will know. So until then, please enjoy the progress I’ve made on this bathroom makeover! And if you missed it, please check out the before photos.

    bathroom with vanity toilet and bathtub

    Here is she is! The changes are subtle, but I really feel like they make a big impact. As I mentioned in the before photos, we did not make any big changes such as flooring, vanity, bathtub, fixtures, etc. The changes were the wall treatment you see on the left, paint, a rug, some new accessories, and the best part, organization! I will do a separate post talking about the organization part of it soon.

    bathroom with vanity, gold mirrors, and gold lights

    tray for bathroom with storage jars


    When we built our house four and a half years ago, the mirrors and light fixtures were some of my favorite picks for our home. That being said, I knew I didn’t want to change them. I emptied out the vanity, gave everything a good cleaning, and then put everything back neat and organized. The tray on the vanity is from Walmart and it is what I used for inspiration. I loved the colors and knew it would be perfect to brighten up this bathroom. The cute jars are from TJ Maxx and are perfect for holding cotton balls, cotton swabs, and other items.

    bathroom shower curtain and artwork

    This beautiful artwork came from Hobby Lobby and it was on clearance for ten dollars! I love the color and the wood frame brings some warmth to the room. The shower curtain came from Walmart and it coordinates beautifully with the blue in the tray. I also like how the blue looks with the rose and blush colors.


    bathroom makeover


    Oh, I almost forgot to mention this rug I found at Home Goods. A simple bathroom makeover isn’t complete without a new rug! I am also proud to say that I did the wall treatment by myself! It was the first time I took on a project like that alone. I really like how it turned out and it wasn’t difficult at all. The best part is it adds character to the room and cost around forty dollars for the materials. Please tell me your favorite part of this makeover. You can find me over on Facebook or Instagram. Just search Heather Loves Home! And stay tuned for another post where I talk about how I organized the vanity.