• Modern Basement Bathroom

    The day is finally here to reveal our newly finished modern basement bathroom! We started finishing it three years ago and then it sat partially finished for quite some time because life happens. These projects take time and money and we were running low on both. It got to the point where I knew we needed to get it done, so over the course of a few months, we plowed through and got it finished. And, I am so glad we did!


    Our basement is a tad bit more modern than the rest of our house and I knew I wanted to keep that theme going in the bathroom. I used light colored wood, black, white, and natural earthy colors. I must say, I definitely love the vibe. But of course, before we had this nice finished bathroom, there was a concrete floor, no vanity, no lights, and no toilet. And just so you can truly appreciate the after, how about a nice before photo?

    basement- bathroom-before photo

    Pretty, isn’t it? Actually it wasn’t that bad. We at least had drywall plumbing and electric, a tub, and a door. That was a nice start. I knew it wasn’t going to take too much to finish it, but the project still kept getting pushed to the back burner.


    There, that’s better! We painted the walls Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore and then I found this awesome tile from Floor and Decor. I absolutely love it and it was not expensive which makes me so happy. The vanity came from Home Depot and I like the lighter wood tone. It actually came with silver drawer handles and I switched them out for black.


    And here is the finished product! What do you think? The shower curtain did not photograph well, but it is more of a rust color and came from Target. The hand towel and soap dispenser are also from Target and that soap dispenser might be my favorite thing in the bathroom. The faucet is black and came from Lowe’s and I love how modern it looks.

    basement bathroom makeover

    How cute is this relax and unwind sign from Hobby Lobby? I thought it would give our guests a good laugh! The black vase and faux florals were part of my fall decor and I loved them so much I moved them from the kitchen and they work really well on this shelf. And of course, no bathroom is complete without some good smelling candles.

    modern basement bathroom after photo

    Oh, I almost forgot the mirror is from Marshall’s and the black shower curtain rod is from Amazon. I think the bathroom looks really cozy from this angle. What do you think about our modern basement bathroom? Do you think it was worth a three year wait?






  • Fall Front Porch Decor

    I am excited to share my fall front porch with you! Decorating my porch for fall is one of my favorite things. I love mums and pumpkins and wreaths for the front door. I also love driving through my neighborhood to see my neighbor’s fall front porch decor.


    Every year, I go to a local farmer’s market to get my pumpkins. I always like to get a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. I like to get one or two traditional orange pumpkins and then I think it is fun to mix in some white, blue, and green ones as well.

    Mums are my favorite flower for fall and I like to get a variety of colors. I have never been good at sticking to a color scheme when decorating for fall. In my opinion, the more color the better!

    My favorite thing about decorating the porch is arranging all of the pretty mums and pumpkins on the steps. I usually start with the largest pot on the top step and then work my way down. Once I have the mums where I want them, I sprinkle in the pumpkins. This year, I even did a fun DIY planter using plastic pumpkins.

    There are flowers and pumpkins on both sides of the steps. The flowers are symmetrical, but the pumpkins are scattered about. I like that there is symmetry, but it doesn’t look too “perfect.”

    It feels like I say this every year, but I think this is my favorite fall porch I have done. I love the mix of colors and it feels so inviting. I cannot wait until Halloween night when everything is lit up and the trick or treaters arrive. I would love it if you would hop on over to Facebook or Instagram and tell me what you think about my fall front porch decor.







  • Fall Foyer Decor Ideas

    I love decorating our foyer for fall because it is the first area guests see when they walk into our home. If you have been hanging around here for any length of time, you know I like to keep my decor simple and inexpensive and I did just that with our fall foyer. I hope this post sharing all my fall foyer decor ideas will inspire you to decorate your own foyer or entryway for this fall season.

    fall foyer decor ideas

    When decorating for fall, I like to keep my everyday decor displayed and decorate around it with pumpkins, florals, leaves, and other fall items. This ZZ plant sits on the table year round and I added a couple of pumpkins to make it a little more festive for the season. I chose to use fake pumpkins, but you can definitely use real pumpkins if you are feeling up to it! I also used the ball of twine to add in some texture.

    fall decor using florals and pumpkins

    This fall floral came from Hobby Lobby and I love the texture that it brings to the space. Faux florals are one of my favorite ways to decorate for fall. I also used faux florals on my fall mantle and in my dining room. They are all different, but each one brings a lot of fall character to each space.

    foyer decorated for fall

    If you had any doubts that decorating for fall can be simple, fun, and inexpensive, then you are in the right place. Don’t overthink it, just do it! A few pumpkins here, a fall floral there, and done. How is that for fall foyer decor ideas? If you want to see more, be sure to check out my other fall blog posts and follow me on Instagram and Facebook at Heather Loves Home. Happy decorating, happy fall, and stay warm!








  • Simple Fall Decor

    There is nothing that makes me happier than simple fall decor. I love keeping out my year round decor and adding simple fall touches throughout the rooms of our home. It is so easy to sprinkle in pumpkins, fall florals, and fall colors to create a cozy fall home.

    One of the easiest ways to add some fall decor to your home is by using pumpkins (of course). I love using a mix of colors, textures, and sizes. This orange velvet pumpkin is one of my favorites. These leaves that I found at Walmart are perfect for the glass jar that sits on this table year round.

    Fall decor should be cozy and nothing says cozy more than a wicker tray. I love using different textures when I decorate, especially in the fall. I also like to use black, which I did with this vase from Hobby Lobby and I filled it with some warm floral stems. Of course, no home is complete for fall without a pumpkin scented candle.

    In past years, I have not decorated my coffee bar for fall, but when I found this fall market container at Marshall’s I knew I had to have it to hold my K-cups. And it doesn’t just hold any K-cups, it hold my Starbucks pumpkin spice K-cups!

    It is also fun to use fall signs and simple quotes to make your home feel cozy. It truly is important to me for my guests to come in, put their feet up, have a cup of coffee, and make their self at home. That is my main goal with my home, especially during the fall.

    What do you think about my simple fall home decor? I hope it inspires you to decorate your home for fall using what you have and sprinkling in some pumpkins, florals, plaids, and different textures.







  • New Dining Room

    Hello and welcome to our new dining room! We have lived in our house for the past three years and I knew some changes were needed in our main living space. There is a large area between our great room and kitchen that sat empty up until a few months ago. I knew it was the perfect spot to use as a dining area, but I was in no hurry to make the switch. Now I wish I hadn’t waited so long!

    new dining room

    It’s hard to believe we had all of this unused floor space for so long. I also love it because now the great room, dining room, and kitchen all feel more connected. The room also feels a lot cozier!

    dining room storage

    I moved our sideboard to the new space and kept most of the decor on it the same. I felt like it needed a pop of color, so I moved this tray from our deck. Now I just need to style it. One of my favorite things about the sideboard is how all of our serving dishes are displayed there.

    table centerpiece

    In the center of our table is this tray that holds salt and pepper, napkins, and extra bowls. Every now and again you can even find fresh flowers on it. I love the convenience of this tray and having these often used items within reach. Y’all know I love functional home decor.

    dining room

    This new space makes me so happy!  I am very pleased with how it turned out. Also, I did not buy any new furniture for this makeover and used everything that was in our current dining room. What do you think? I hope this makeover inspires you to make big changes in your own home. I would love to hear your thoughts on our new dining room.

  • Cozy And Modern Sitting Room

    Welcome to our cozy and modern sitting room that used to be our dining room! This transformation has been a long time coming. Our home has an open floor plan and I felt like we weren’t using the space to its full potential. And as someone who loves to utilize every square inch of our home, I knew that had to change.

    modern and cozy sitting room

    Our main living space consists of the kitchen, great room, and what used to be the dining room. In between the kitchen and great room was a large amount of floor space that I didn’t really know what to do with. It was nice when we would entertain because we could set up extra tables and chairs for guests. But when we weren’t entertaining, it was wasted space. And I don’t like wasted space! Below is a before photo.

    sitting room before

    The dining room and console tables were moved to the space between the kitchen and great room. I will do a blog post soon showing you all that area. We love how everything looks and it works well for our family.

    sitting area chair and bar cart

    We were able to use a couple of chairs that we purchased from Joss and Main a few years ago. I also love this bar cart that my parents found at a yard sale a couple of years ago. The throw pillow is from the Hearth and Hand collection at Target. They are one of my favorite things in the room!

    sitting room desk view

    I decided to leave the light fixture for now, but eventually want to change it out. My second favorite thing in the room is the desk. I am so excited to have a home for our laptop and a place to stow away pens and paper. One of the things I really wanted to focus on was bringing elements from the kitchen, dining area, and great room into the sitting room. That is why we have the mix of leather, wood, metal, glass, fabric, etc. It all ties in nicely. Here is where you can find the leather pillows

    coffee table and orchid in sitting room

    And if you have been hanging around here for any amount of time, you know I love plants and flowers. I also love the happiness they bring to a room. I haven’t always been the best at keeping them alive, but I am getting better!

    looking into sitting room from kitchen

    What do you think about our cozy and modern sitting room? We love it and it works so well for our family. It will also be great for when we have guests over!

    *This post does contain an affiliate link, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

  • Simple And Cozy Foyer

    After living in our home for three years, I have finally decorated our foyer! I am not sure why I neglected it for so long since it is the first room you see when you enter our front doors. I guess all that matters is it is done now. So, without further ado, here is our simple and cozy foyer.

    Here she is completely empty except for the mirror that I hung on the wall when we moved in. I like the mirror and didn’t want to spend money on a new one.

    I knew that I wanted a rug for the foyer and I also knew I wanted the rug to feel warm and have some navy blue in it. The one I chose is part of the Studio McGee collection at Target and I love it. The size and color are perfect and it is great quality.

    Of course, every foyer needs a table and I found this one at Wayfair for a very reasonable price. It is a good size for the area and I love the lighter color wood. My favorite thing in the foyer is the lamp. It is also part of the Studio McGee collection at Target and I love how big it is.

    Another great Target find is the sign from the Hearth and Hand collection. It says hello there on one side and then you can flip it to the other side and it says miss you already. I have had the coffee table book for quite a while and didn’t have a place for it. Since it is blue and green I thought it would be a nice pop of color and tie in nicely with the rug.

    The foyer gets a lot of light, so I knew I wanted a real plant to go on the table. I found this ZZ plant on Amazon and it is so pretty and was the perfect final touch.

    I’m really glad I did not wait any longer to do the foyer. I think it came together nicely and ties in great with the rest of the house. What do you think about our simple and cozy foyer?

  • Placemat Wall Decor

    Hey there! I am excited to share this post because I love a good bargain and I also love creative home decor. Several months ago, I was in Target and found these placemats on clearance for $7.50. I really liked the size and the texture and thought they would make fun placemat wall decor for my office.



    I have one skinny wall next to my desk and thought they would be perfect hanging there. The placemats came four in a pack and I evenly spaced them from floor to ceiling using some fancy gold thumbtacks I already had. They definitely helped add some texture to a room where there was already a lot of wood, glass, and metal. Plus, they hang right next to my beach art and now that corner really does feel beachy! In case I wasn’t before, I am now officially a dork.



    When you are shopping in your favorite home decor stores, keep an open mind about different items and how they can be used. Using only wall art for wall art can get boring after a while. Have some fun and mix it up. And don’t forget, spray paint is your best friend. If you like the shape or texture of an item, but don’t like the color, paint it.


    Who would have thought this placemat wall decor that only cost $7.50 would help make this room one of my favorites?! And the best part is, if I ever get tired of them hanging on the wall, I can actually use them for placemats. I have said it before and I will say it again, I love home decor that is pretty, functional, and inexpensive.


    What do you think? Would you use placemats as wall decor? I would love to hear about any creative decorating you have done.






  • Modern Kitchen Makeover

    Hello! I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I spent time outdoors and finished my modern kitchen makeover. Honestly, it wasn’t much of a makeover since it was pretty much done anyway. I recently bought the counter stools I have been wanting, so now it officially feels complete. I think my favorite part of the makeover is that everything I used is pretty and functional and that is a win-win for me!

    modern kitchen makeover

    My goal for this makeover was to keep it clean, simple, and clutter free. Everything you see on the counters is used daily. Our floorpan is open, so it was important for me to keep everything neutral with a few pops of color. I also love to mix elements, so you see a nice mix of colors and textures. In this photo there is leather, metal, wood, granite, and glass. I also love the contrast of the leather next to the gray island. The leather also adds some warmth and that helps the room feel cozy.

    modern kitchen makeover


    I like the view the photo above provides because you can really see how all of the finishes come together. By the way, talking like this makes me feel like a complete dork, but I am ok with that because when I am talking about decorating it makes me happy! When we built the house three years ago, I kept most of my design choices neutral and traditional. As time has passed, I have grown to love a more clean and modern style and it works nicely with all of the finishes I chose three years ago.

    modern kitchen makeover

    As I mentioned earlier, everything on the counters is used daily. It was important to me to clear the counters of anything that was only decorative. I am striving for a clean and simple feel throughout our entire home and I think this can be accomplished by decorating with items that serve a purpose. It is convenient to have all of the spices, utensils, and cookware that I use often within reach.

    modern kitchen makeover

    We don’t have a lot of pantry space, so it comes in handy to have this bread box where we keep all of our bread, rolls, and bagels. I also love having a designated coffee area because I love coffee and I am also a little bit obsessed with pretty mugs. The mugs also add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral kitchen.

    modern kitchen

    What do you all of think of my modern kitchen makeover? It has been a lot of fun to watch this space evolve over the last couple of years. It goes to show that a room does not have to be complete right away. You can definitely take your time and collect items you love until the space feels right and is exactly the way you want it. As always, thank you for stopping by and be sure to check me out on Facebook and Instagram!


    **This post contains an affiliate link but all opinions are my own.

  • Dining Room Chair Makeover

    Never underestimate the power of sandpaper! I know I never will again. It was just what I needed for my dining room chair makeover. About five years ago, I bought a dining room table and six chairs off Craig’s List for three hundred dollars. It is great quality, but I never really cared for the color of the finish. Shortly after purchasing the table, I painted it white and kept the chairs their original finish.

    dining room chair makeover using sandpaper

    After moving into our current home, I realized I no longer wanted the chairs to be a reddish wood tone color, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them. I did know that I wanted a dining room chair makeover. I thought about painting them for a while, but couldn’t settle on a color. Recently, I was sanding a picture frame and decided to sand one of the legs on the chair and when I saw the color of the wood underneath, I knew that I wanted to sand the chairs down to their natural color.

    dining room chair makeover using sandpaper


    dining room chair makeover progress

    I had six chairs total that needed sanding, so I knew it was going to take some time and I would need to purchase an electric sander. I went on Amazon and did some research and settled on the Black and Decker Mouse Sander which you can find here. The sander has been a lifesaver and I absolutely love it! It is great quality for the money and I now have a long list of sanding projects to complete.

    black and decker mouse sander

    For the harder to reach areas, I used individual sheets of fine grit sandpaper and sanded them by hand. Of course, that part of the project took the most time, but was so worth it in the end. I love the before and after. And it doesn’t hurt that this project took very little money.

    dining room chair makeover using sandpaper

    What do you think? I will share a final reveal soon. We have made a lot of changes around our home and I cannot wait to share them all with you!

    *This blog post does contain an affiliate link, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.