• Jewelry Organization Part Two

    I definitely have a weakness for cute jewelry! I love bold pieces in different colors and textures. While I love all jewelry, I especially love earrings! Which means I have a lot of earrings. A while back I shared part one of my jewelry organization, so without further ado, here is jewelry organization part two.

    Several years ago when my aunt passed away I inherited this beautiful piece of furniture from her. Originally, I used it in my office, but when we moved to our new house I decided to use it in my closet to hold my jewelry. I know it is a little different, but I love it!

    jewelry organization

    This project was a lot of fun for me and it gave me the chance to get creative. For example, I used this styrofoam cone from Dollar Tree to hold bracelets. I also like to add a pop of color by using some decorative pieces.

    candle holder holding bracelets

    How fun is this candle holder that I use to hold bracelets? It is from Home Goods and I bought it specifically for this purpose. When you are in stores like TJMaxx, Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby be on the lookout for fun items like this to use anywhere in your home for organization.

    drawer with jewelry organization

    Now for my favorite thing, the earring drawer! This is where I got really creative because I wanted to be sure my earrings were organized in a way that I could see all of them when I open the drawer. I used three different items, all found at Dollar Tree to use. One is a deviled egg tray, another one is an ice cube tray, and the last one is just a plain tray. I use the ice cube tray for my small studs earrings. The deviled egg tray helps keep pairs of earrings together. The gold tray is perfect for holding my larger earrings.

    deviled egg tray earring holder

    Again, it is all about being creative and thinking outside the box. It didn’t occur to me to use a deviled egg tray until I was walking around Dollar Tree one day and saw it. I knew it was perfect!

    jewelry cabinet

    What did you think? Do you have a cabinet like this in your home you could use to organize jewelry? A chest or dresser works really well also! I hope you found this helpful. Happy decorating and organizing!

  • The Most Important Room In Your Home To Organize

    It’s that time of year to purge, clean, and organize! There isn’t much going on in the month of January, so it’s a great time for a reset and refresh in your home. I love going room by room and cleaning out cabinets, closets, and drawers; however, today I want to talk about the most important room in your home to organize. Any guesses? It’s the kitchen!

    tray with bowls, napkin holder, salt and pepper

    The kitchen is the hub of the home and where we spend a lot of our time. It is where we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is where we cook, eat, and clean. And most importantly, it is where we gather with friends and family. Have you noticed when people come over everyone tends to gather in the kitchen?

    lamp and spices on kitchen counter

    There are several reasons why I think the kitchen is the most important room in your home to organize. The number one reason is because we do spend a lot of time in there and there is a lot going on. When you are cooking you want to know exactly where pots, pans, and utensils are. It is nice for everything to have a home. You don’t want to scramble around looking for something when you are right in the middle of preparing a meal. Plus, if there are multiple people living in your home it is a lot less stressful if everyone knows where everything is.

    kitchen pantry

    Another reason why I think the kitchen is a room that needs to be organized is for meal planning purposes. When your fridge and pantry are organized and you know what food you have, it makes meal planning and grocery shopping so much easier. And the great thing about that is it helps save time and money. It’s no secret we spend a lot of money on food and a lot of time shopping for it, so why not make sure we are being efficient!

    bread box and kitchen utensils

    I hope you found this helpful and it  gave you some insight on why it’s important to organize your kitchen. In my opinion, if you are only going to organize one room in your home, I would make it the kitchen. It is the heart of the home after all.




  • How to Be Organized For School At Home

    School is back in full swing and with it comes all sorts of fun things to keep up with. Supply lists, welcome letters, syllabi, sports forms, and the list goes on. There were several years when all three of my daughters were in school at the same time and keeping up with papers and school supplies was not my favorite. And, I am not a fan of things feeling unorganized and chaotic. I eventually developed a system that helped me tremendously and I want to share it with you!

    desk with chair in sitting room


    In our last home, I had a three drawer dresser that wasn’t serving a purpose, so I decided that I would use it for my girls’ school stuff. Each one of them had their own drawer and we would toss any papers, or school supplies they needed in their drawer. This worked perfectly because they each knew if they needed something it would be in that drawer. And, as they brought papers home, I would file what we needed to keep in their drawer and toss the rest.

    file cabinet with two drawers

    Now that we are down to two girls left in school, we only need a two drawer cabinet. I found this one at Ross a few years ago and it works perfectly. Each of my daughters has their own drawer and I routinely go through it and clean out any papers that are no longer needed.

    organized desk drawer

    The cabinet conveniently sits next to the desk in our sitting area. The desk has two drawers that can hold any supplies the girls might need for doing projects and homework. I found these bins at Target and they are perfect for pens, pencils, scissors, and glue sticks.

    desk drawer with paper

    The second drawer holds extra notebook paper and paper for the printer. In an effort to stay organized and make sure we always have what we need, I check the drawers routinely to see if I need to stock up on more supplies.

    desk in sitting area

    I love having the desk and cabinet in our sitting area. This system works perfectly and since we have been doing it his way for so long, my girls know exactly what to expect when it comes to their school stuff. I hope you found this helpful and I highly encourage you to carve out a corner in your home to do the same!

  • Simple Bathroom Storage

    You know what I always say, storage is important in your home; especially, simple bathroom storage.  There is no better feeling than having a place for everything and having everything in its place. Am I right? I especially like to have a good amount of storage in the bathroom for towels, washcloths, toiletries, and beauty products. Because you cannot have too many beauty products!


    bathroom storage cabinet

    I have shown you this cabinet in our bathroom many times. You can actually see a full tour of our bathroom here. This cabinet came from Pier One about ten years ago and I have used it in three different homes. In our first two homes, I used it in our office and now it made its way into our master bathroom.

    bathroom cabinet with drawers

    The drawers in this cabinet are the perfect size to store all of our bathroom items. Each drawer has a purpose and this one holds extra razors, soap, contact solution, toothpaste, floss, and anything else we use a lot of. That way when we run out of something I can grab another one from this drawer. And once the last one is used in this drawer, I know it is time to buy more.

    bathroom cabinet with drawers

    This drawer holds first aid items like bandaids, a thermometer, ointments, and anything else you might need for minor injuries and illnesses. The other drawers hold washcloths, feminine hygiene products, extra toilet paper, and our steamer. I love how easy it is to grab anything we might need and also keep track of what needs to be replenished.

    bathroom gallery wall and cabinet

    On top of the cabinet there is a decorative bowl that holds cotton swabs and a decorative jar that holds cotton balls. Again, it keeps things we need within reach, but also looking stylish. I am going to refinish the cabinet soon and give it a little update. I will be sure to share that process with you all soon! Now, who is ready to go organize their bathroom?

  • Great Room Builtin Cabinet Storage

    Hello and thank you for visiting Heather Loves Home! Whether you have visited before, or you are new, I am so happy you are here. Today, I am talking about great room builtin cabinet storage and all of the items I keep in mine. Let’s be honest, we can never have too many places to store stuff, right?

    great room builtin cabinets

    I have two cabinets on either side of my fireplace. Of course, I keep the shelves filled with pretty and meaningful decor, but the cabinets are where I can store all of the not so pretty items. If you have builtin cabinets and you aren’t taking advantage of the storage they can provide, you will after reading this.

    builtin in cabinet with doors

    Have you ever went to someone’s home and wondered what they have hiding behind their cabinet doors. I am now going to give you a peek at what we keep behind ours. In our last home, I didn’t have our cabinets organized very well, but in this home I took full advantage of organizing them perfectly!

    builtin cabinet with board games

    Here is a look at the cabinet that is on the right side of our fireplace. This cabinet holds board games and decks of cards, which is a convenient spot for them since it is in the great room and that is where we play games most of the time. On the bottom shelf, I have a bin that holds all of the owner’s manuals for products in our home. We also keep items needed to dust and clean our tv.

    builtin cabinet with pretty decor items

    This is the builtin and cabinet on the left side of the fireplace. Again, the shelves are filled with simple decor items, but the bottom cabinet is used for storage. Let’s take a peek inside.

    builtin cabinets used for storage

    In this cabinet, I keep extra lightbulbs, batteries, command hooks, and tools. It is really handy to keep a hammer, screwdrivers, nails, and other items to grab for a quick project. This keeps me from always needing to run out to the garage, or the basement storage room to grab something.

    great room builtins with fireplace

    Honestly, there are so many different things you can keep in cabinets like these. Some other ideas are items needed for school, arts and crafts, toys, blankets, dog toys, books, magazines, cleaning supplies, and the list goes on. I hope you found this super helpful! And please, be sure to check me out on Instagram and Facebook at Heather Loves Home. Happy organizing!


  • Dining Room Storage Ideas

    The dining room is a great place to get creative with storage. This is the room where pretty dishes, vases, and candlestick holders are kept. And if you are someone who loves to entertain, then you probably have a lot of dishes and glassware to store. I love to entertain and have a lot of dishes, so I am sharing some dining room storage ideas with you.

    dining room storage cabinet

    My favorite way to store items in the dining room is by displaying them on a pretty piece of furniture. When I buy dishes for entertaining, I like to keep them neutral and stick with white, glass, and gold. When I stick to neutrals it makes it easier to display them and it also means the dishes will match any decor when we entertain.

    side table with dishes

    Here is a closer look at the left side of our dining room cabinet. As you can see, I displayed a variety of dishes and trays. I also found the perfect basket that fits on the bottom shelf and holds lot of goodies! I will give you a closer look into that now.

    storage basket for dining room

    Let’s take a peek inside of the basket, shall we? This is where I like to store smaller items like cloth napkins, tablecloths, table runners, candle holders, battery operated tea candles, and other items for entertaining. I love having all of these items handy in this basket for parties, dinners, and showers. I have used all of these items multiple times and definitely got my money’s worth!

    storage basket for dining room

    This is another look at items I store in the basket. I forgot to mention plate holders. Also, you cannot see them very well, but I have several small square mirrors that I bought at Dollar Tree. I love sitting them on the dining room table and you can see what that looks like here.

    dining room storage cabinet

    Now back to the dining room cabinet, let’s take a look at the right side. As you can see, there are more dishes, a cake plate, and some candle holders that were found at the Goodwill. I love how all of these items look together and I love that they are all useful!

    I hope you found these dining room storage ideas helpful, and they inspired you to get your dining room organized. If you aren’t already following Heather Loves Home on social media, I would love for you to pop over to Facebook and Instagram and give us a follow for more inspiration on how you can live better in your home!






  • Simple Bathroom Organizing Ideas

    Recently, I asked a lot of people which room in the house is hardest for them to keep organized. Everyone’s answer was the same… the bathroom! I honestly believe this is because we live in a world of creams, gels, and sprays for every hair and skin problem known to man. So, my first piece of advice is to clean out your cabinet and drawers and simplify your beauty routine. Once you have thrown out anything that is expired, or doesn’t work for you, it’s time to organize.

    bathroom cabinet with bins

    I absolutely love these storage bins from Target. I discovered them a little over a year ago and I think they are fabulous. I have an average size bathroom cabinet and six of them fit in there perfectly. The best part is they are very inexpensive!

    storage bin in bathroom cabinet

    The thing that is great about using these bins and this storage system, is that you can group like items together. As I mentioned before, I have six bins and they each hold one of these categories of items: make-up; facial products; body products; hair products; travel products; and miscellaneous.

    bathroom beauty products

    This system is a great way to know exactly where an item is when you need it. If you are ready to put on make-up, just pull out the make-up bin. When it’s time to go to bed and you want to do your nightly skincare routine, pull out the bin that holds your facial products. Once you use an item, put it back in the bin where it belongs. This system has been working for me for the last year and I highly recommend giving it a try!

    Another positive to using a system like this is it makes it easy when you do your shopping. When making your shopping list, you can easily see what you have, or what you don’t have.

    If you try this system, or another one like it, I would love to hear what you think. I would LOVE to connect with you over on Instagram and Facebook. Just search Heather Loves Home! I hope you enjoyed these simple bathroom organizing ideas!


  • Kitchen Pantry Organizing Ideas

    *This post contains affiliate links

    Having an organized pantry is one of the best feelings you can have when it comes to your home. If I’m being honest, and you choose to only organize one area in your home, it should be the pantry! Having an organized pantry makes it easier to meal plan, make your grocery list, and eat healthy. If you are looking to make your life just a little bit easier, check out these kitchen pantry organizing ideas.

    empty kitchen cabinets

    We do not have a traditional pantry in our home, so we had to make space in our kitchen cabinets for one. This area actually turned out to be the perfect spot because the small drawers are perfect for holding small items. Of course, the first step to organizing any area is removing all items and starting fresh.

    labels for pantry organization

    One thing I have slowly been doing over time is purchasing containers to hold sugar, flour, pasta, etc. The ones I bought are from Walmart and I love them! They come in different sizes and have a lid that locks to keep contents fresh. I am glad I invested in these and will use them for a long time. Now that I have the containers, it is time to label them.

    label on container for kitchen pantry

    When I saw these labels on Amazon I knew they were exactly what I was looking for. I labeled all of the containers and now they look neat and uniform.

    pantry containers

    Don’t they look nice? I am pleased with how they turned out and now there will be no more getting the flour and powered sugar confused! Believe me, that is one mistake you do not want to make with your french toast! Ha!

    kitchen pantry organized with containers

    Now the only thing left to do, is fill the pantry back up. There are four shelves in the pantry, so I tried to group similar items together on each one. As you can see here, I put rice and pastas together on this shelf.

    pantry organization

    On the bottom shelf, I grouped together the items we use the most which are soups, broths, and sauces. The next shelf holds the rice and pasta, the third shelf holds condiments and other items we don’t use as often. And last, but not least, is the top shelf which holds everything I need for baking.

    This is one project I am glad to have complete. I will be sharing part two soon showing how I organized the bottom half of the pantry. I hope you found these kitchen pantry organizing ideas helpful!





  • Simple Jewelry Organization

    If you have been hanging around here anytime at all, you know I love earrings! And when you love earrings, you must have a fun way to organize them. Did I mention that I also love necklaces? Which means I need a fun way to organize those also, right? Check out these simple jewelry organization ideas for earrings and necklaces that I use in my closet.

    dresser-corkboard earring holder-necklace rack

    When I decorate a space (like my closet) that is mostly only seen by me, I don’t like to spend a lot of money. I also like to put a lot of my personality in the space and have some fun with it. I found the perfect items for this space from places like Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, and even a yard sale. Other than the small piece of artwork hanging on the wall, I let the jewelry do most of the decorating.

    white rack hanging on wall with necklaces

    The white rack you see here came from Dollar Tree and of course it was only one dollar. I love using it to display my necklaces. Not only does it look pretty, but it also helps me see what I have without digging around in a drawer.

    dresser with jewelry organization

    As I mentioned before, my favorite part of my closet organization is how inexpensive it was to put it all together! The dresser was a hand me down from family. The cork board came from Target and was less than twenty dollars. The jar and tray came from Dollar Tree and the bodice holding my hat was a yard sale find that my mom gave to me. This is somewhat of a before photo because in the future I plan to paint the dresser, so stay tuned for that.

    earrings hanging on a cork board

    My favorite earring organization hack is hanging them from a cork board. It’s awesome because they are all on display and you can see exactly what earrings you have. I use clear thumbtacks to hang them from and this works well for fishhook posts. I put my straight post earrings in a drawer and you can read about how I organize them here.

    bodice with hat hanging on it

    As always, I hope this post has inspired and encouraged you! You truly can have pretty organization on a small budget. Get creative, be on the lookout for inexpensive items, and most importantly have fun! Simple jewelry organization shouldn’t be complicated. Happy organizing!









  • Small Home Storage Solutions

    Hello everyone, Heather junior here! Just kidding, it’s Morgan, Heather’s oldest daughter. Sometimes I think my name should have been Heather junior though because I’m so similar to my mom. One of our top shared qualities happens to be our love of all things home! Today I am talking about small home storage solutions.

    I currently live in a small one bedroom apartment with my little rescue pup, Gidget. Because of the size of our home, there isn’t a ton of storage space. As someone who needs an organized space to feel cool, calm, and collected, I have definitely faced some struggles along the way.  After a year of living here, I have discovered a lot of tips and tricks to managing a lot of stuff with not a lot of room.

    I am someone who loves to cook, bake, drink coffee, and of course eat! Because I spend so much of my time in the kitchen, I have a lot of items that belong in there. Of course it’s one of the smallest areas in my home, making it quite hard to keep neat and organized. So, here are some of the best ways I’ve found to keep my kitchen space cute, functional, and tidy!

    coffee bar storage solutions
    One of my favorite parts of my kitchen is the coffee bar! I used to have my coffee machine and jars sitting on the counter, but it took up so much space. So when I found this small table, I knew it would make the perfect space for all of my coffee accessories. Not only is this table a great coffee bar, but I’m also able to use the bottom shelf as a storage space for some of my bigger pantry items such as chips, popcorn, crackers, and extra baking supplies. I don’t have a real pantry, so this extra space is super helpful.

    Speaking of not having a real pantry, this is my makeshift one! I purchased all of these black baskets from the dollar tree and they have been perfect for keeping this space organized. Instead of keeping a ton of boxes and bags stuffed in here and then digging through them every time I need something, I have a basket for each category of food!

    spice rack storage solutions

    I love this spot in my kitchen because it’s cute and functional. These shelves are a great way to keep spices organized and by hanging them on the wall, I am saving counter or cabinet space. Plus, it’s a great decor piece that really SPICES up my kitchen walls! The shelves as well as the glass containers all came from Amazon. The containers also came with labels!

    small home storage solutions
    Over in their corner next to my stove, I like to keep the essentials on hand. I have my oils, salt, pepper, sugar, utensils (and dog treats for Gidget who is always watching me cook). I have everything stored in glass jars and bottles to keep the area looking nice. Again, it’s convenient because I don’t have to use up space in my cabinets to store these items. Another thing I wanted to point out is that all of the jars you see in the corner were once candles! After I burned through them I cleaned and sanitized them well and now you have kitchen containers! I love recycling!

    Having a small space can definitely be frustrating at times, but at the end of the day I’m very thankful for my cozy home. I hope this was helpful for those of you who struggle with space and storage issues. I also hope I inspired some new ideas for you!