• Jewelry Organization Ideas

    I absolutely love jewelry! It is my favorite accessory and I have plenty of it, so keeping it organized is important. A few years ago, I inherited this piece of furniture from a family member and it is perfect for displaying jewelry. Check out these jewelry organization ideas I like to use.


    Since jewelry is pretty and colorful, I like to have it on display. I moved this jewelry chest into my closet, so it is conveniently located close to my clothes. It is a one stop shop for pulling outfits together and accessorizing them. My favorite part of the jewelry chest are the shelves located behind the pretty glass doors.


    Displaying my jewelry on the shelves is a fun way to bring color and decor into my closet. When I go shopping, I like to be on the lookout for unique items I can use to display bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Most of my bracelets are displayed in this part of the jewelry chest.


    This styrofoam cone is from the Dollar Tree and it is perfect for displaying bracelets. I though about painting it, but I actually like how my bracelets pop against the white.

    jewelry organization

    Trays and candle holders are another cute way to display jewelry. I like to find them at places like TJMaxx, Home Goods, and Goodwill. These earrings are too pretty to not display.


    The earring organization in the top drawer might be my favorite. I used a gold tray, ice cube tray, and deviled egg tray all from the Dollar Tree to organize my earrings. It is a great way to keep them together, but separated, so I can see what I have. It might just be one of my best ideas!


    What do you think about my jewelry organization ideas? They are simple and inexpensive ways to keep your jewelry together while also adding a dose of pretty to your closet.